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《News Browser》是一款系统安全类软件。软件支持Android 1.6平台运行。
News Browser
You can read the news of the Japanese variety。You can adjust the font size and line spacing of the article。Tablets (Android 3.x Honeycomb) is also available。News are classified by category title。You can read the news about the news swipe。Pinch,pinch out the articles reduction can be expanded。Tap an image to enlarge。News· AFPBB News· Amoeba News· Asahi Shimbun· BLOGOS· 文艺春秋· CNET Japan· CNN。co。jpCommunication Gadgets· Newsletter· Livedoor News· Mainichi Shimbun· My Navi news· NHK newsNikkan Gendai ·Nikkan Sports ·· Nikkei· Peachy· R25· Reuters· SanKeiBiz· Sankei Shimbun· SANSPO· PLUS Us Weekly· 周刊文春· Suponichi· Toyo Keizai· WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Japanese· Yahoo News· Yahoo Magazine· The Yomiuri Shimbun· ZAKZAKHistory3.7Added · AFPBB news。Fixed News · CNET。3.6Fixed a bug Communication Gadget Show。3.5Added · BLOGOS。3.4Added · Peachy。Fixed a display bug · CNET Japan。Fixed a display bug · R25.3.3Added · SANSPO。Now read the editorial in the Asahi Shimbun ·。Improved navigation to read news · My image。Background colors · Changed how to specify the text color。3.2Added · CNET Japan。Added · ZAKZAK。You can now set the text color and background color · articles。Now be immediately · News selection is set。Fixed a bug that disappears in the process progress?Read icon。3.1Added · My Navi news。Added · livedoor ranking categories such as news。Now be immediately setting · articles。2.9Added · livedoor news。Fixed so the pictures can be scaled · Toyo Keizai。Category was added weekly series to Us · PLUS。Image display method was improved。2.8· Revised the categories of Toyo Keizai。Now read past articles · Toyo Keizai。PLUS Us · Added week。2.7Now tap the image and zoom etc。· Photos and diagrams。How to read the article Fixed · R25.2.6Fixed a bug?The amoeba news photo display。Fixed a bug in display of news headlines?The amoeba。2.5?The news added amoeba。Improved image quality of the magazine · Yahoo。How to get the revised list of titles · SankeiBiz。2.4Added magazine · Yahoo。Fixed a bug in the modified date of the communication jet?The list of titles。2.3Added · Yahoo News。Added default text size for the tablet ·。Was modified to reflect the correct size · Photo and graphic。2.2Added · SanKeiBiz。You can now specify the line spacing · text article。2.1Communication gadgets added。Added support for video playback · CNN。Improved picture quality · Asahi Shimbun。Character size has been revised。You can now specify the size of default character。You can now specify the size · Photo and graphic。Now read the article from the link at the bottom of your browser · Articles。1.9· Added Nikkan Gendai。· Added the Nikkan Sports。We avoid terminated when the user presses the back key while reading an article ·。Fixed date · Title List newsletter。Fixed an issue where the screen is initialized · News list。1.8Fixed a bug · WSJ。1.7?The Suponichi added。· Added 周刊文春。· Added 文艺春秋。· Expanded between the lines of article text。Now open?All settings in the screen。1.6You can now change the size,menu text of the article in。Added · R25.1.5Added · CNN。· WSJ slide show improvement。· Improved the display title of the Asahi Shimbun。· Fixed a selection Mainichi news。You can now choose the news,menu。1.4· Japanese version added a Wall Street Journal。· Added the Nihon Keizai Shimbun。· Added newsletter。Improve the Sankei Shimbun (multi-page) has been。We measure a dual boot · Article Title。1.2· Release now。